Spa Belles
Escape the daily grind and come experience the peaceful tranquility of Spa Belles. With eight locations throughout New York City, busy New Yorkers can enjoy a quick manicure, pedicure or express facial in a peaceful, rejuvenating ambiance within a New York minute. Our nurturing array of manicure, pedicure, body and facial services are enhanced by quality personal service from a staff of certified professionals. So come enjoy the rejuvenating solitude of our day spa, and let us pamper you with the quality and excellence you deserve.

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Pure 24 Karat Gold Mask

In this luxurious facial treatment, 24K gold mask accelerates the regeneration of new cells, removes wrinkles and blemishes....



Ear Candling

Ear Candling
Originally:   $70.00
Now:   $45.00 

This age-old "home remedy" works to relieve pain and discomfort. The warmth & smoke assists the body's ....



Belles Warm Stone Massage

Crystal Quartz Table 30 Min. $20.00/ 60 Min. $40

Heralded as an innovative concept in spa treatment tables, the MLX Quartz is an earth friendly treatment that allows clients to experience spa treatment in a distinctive fashion. It uses a therapeutic heated sand bed based on the ancient Greek concept of ‘psammotherapy’, which uses warm sand to alleviate pain and promote comfort.